Enterprise Storage

High-performance storage built for scale and flexibility

Zimcom’s Enterprise Storage fabric features storage area networks (SANs) that provide a low-latency, high performance environment that can span large distances meet the needs of your mission-critical workloads.

Our partnership with industry leading storage provider EMC allows us to deliver customizable SAN storage solutions (shared or dedicated) that are perfect for use in your production and/or disaster-recovery environments.

We make it easy for you to start small and scale big based on your performance requirements and capacity needs.

Ideal for:

  • Virtualization
  • Private Cloud Environments
  • High-performance web & database servers
  • Mixed Workloads

Key features:

  • Auto-tiering storage arrays with high-performance SSD drives
  • Enterprise storage optimized for efficiency, simplicity, and performance
  • Array to array replication with DVR-like recovery
  • Industry-leading integration with Vmware and Microsoft Hyper-V